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Hours: Full Time (40 hours a week)

Position type: Paid Internship

Contract: 6-month paid trial internship; if successful, the contract period will be extended to one year

Closing date:   6pm Mon 28st Oct to begin the internship at the beginning of November 2017.

Personal English interns are characterized by their energy and enthusiasm. You’ll have the ability to pick things up quickly, a can-do attitude and a passion and pride in what you do. You’ll work hard and learn fast. In return, you will be equipped with all the skills and experiences you need to build a career in adult teaching, with special focus on Business English and English for Special Purposes (law, architecture, journalism, etc.). You’ll also be a valued member of our friendly, close-knit office team.

At Personal English we believe in quality and commitment, and we are proud to ceaselessly interpret and better our unique teaching method.


- Getting acquainted with the principles of the Personal English method by auditing courses and assisting staff teachers during their classes.

- Fine-tuning translation skills through both theory (one-to-one workshops with the Director of Studies) and practice.

- Working alongside our staff in every aspect of planning customized classes and programs and teaching them.

- Assisting the Director of Studies in a research project involving collecting data, preparing material and perfecting a new approach to language learning for people characterized by dyslexia.

- Leading on specific projects, such as coming up with new didactic material on a given topic as well as planning and teaching professional classes in English.


All candidates must have some experience of teaching, and ideally, will be able to show the impact of their contribution. This experience doesn’t need to come from paid work, it can be from work that you have done on a voluntary basis or in your own community.

You must also:

- Have a perfect mastery of English (C1/C2)

- Be between 23 and 30 years old.

- Be unemployed

- Not currently enrolled at any university or other school.  

We will ask you for some personal details as well as the following:

  • Cover letter in PDF format

  • CV in PDF format

Both written in English

Applications failing to comply with the abovementioned requirements will not be taken into consideration.


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