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Who is Mr English?

Very little is known about Mr. English.

Undoubtedly, he loves disguising, and by skillfully impersonating the most various roles he succeeds in infiltrating even the most secure locations.

So much so that he has recently been spotted in Buckingam Palace disguised as one of the Queen’s Guards.

In spite of his sneaky attitude, his elusive nature, and his penchant for infiltration, he’s thought to be harmless - while haunting the halls of Buckingam Palace posing as a Queen’s Guard, Mr. English was carrying his umbrella instead of the service bayonet - thus suggesting that he chooses highly sensitive locations just on account of the challenge they represent. Rumor has it that he’s even posed as an old woman and as an extraterrestrial.

We can only assume that he comes from England and that he’s left-handed, but - because of his incredible ability to continuosly trasform himself - his true identity remains a mistery. 

Where is Mr English? Enter the contest!

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